It's no secret that every region of our great country has its own way of speaking. This page is intended to help newcomers to the area, not only so they will have a better understanding of what their friends and neighbors are talking about, but also how to pronounce some of the local towns, rivers, and landmarks. You're living in the South now, so words are not necessarily pronounced the way they are spelled! I hope this list helps simplify your life!

  • Boeuf River = Beff River
  • Cheniere = shin-knee
  • D’Arbonne = Dar-bone
  • Downsville = Downs-vul
  • Eros = ear-ross
  • Farmerville = farmer-vul
  • Hi/Hello = Hey how ya'll du in
  • Lea = lee
  • Louisiana = loose – e – anna
  • Louisiville = lou-eh-vul
  • Natchitouches = nac-a-dish
  • Ouachita = Watch-ih-tah
  • Oil = ohl (one syllable)
  • Red A_ = Getting upset about something
  • Plug it in = Plug it up
  • Garage = Carport
  • Red Light = Traffic Light

For more guides to living in Monroe, West Monroe, Calhoun, Ruston, Farmerville, Sterlington, Swartz, and surrounding communities, please refer to the communities page, and Connie's Local Favorites. Both pages will give you a guide to businesses, schools, places to eat, and area attractions for new residents and visitors alike.

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